Affiliate Program Information

What is Coupon Gravy?

When shopping online have you ever noticed that coupon code box on the checkout page? Most people just leave it blank and continue with their purchase. But did you know that with the right coupon code you can get up to 50% off the price of the order?! Finding good coupon codes can be tricky though. Most sites have outdated and expired coupons that are of no value. This is where we come in...

Coupon Gravy is one of the largest coupon code databases on the web. We have 50,000+ verified coupon codes for over 3500 of the web's top online retailers. All of our coupon codes are tested daily and are gauranteed to work. No more struggling with inactive or expired coupons. No clicking to reveal coupon codes. We run an honest business. We are striving to become one of the leading resources for those who are looking to save money when shopping online.

How does the program work?

In the Coupon Gravy affiliate program you earn 50% of the commission on sales generated by the traffic you refer to us. For example, a visitor you refers to us clicks through and purchases a TV for $1000. If Coupon Gravy receives a 10% commission on that sale, we earn $100, and we split it 50/50 with you. You earn $50 for simply referring the user to us. You don't spend any time finding coupon codes, testing them, and keeping them up to date. You don't waste time contacting each retailer individually and trying to get the most cost saving, exclusive coupon codes for your users. We handle all of that. This truly is a partnership. You send us the traffic, and we turn it into cash.

We also have a very generous 10% commission on all sub-affiliate earnings. So if you refer users to us who register as affiliates, you will earn a 10% premium on all commissions they earn. This could be extremely profitable for those of you who can reach users in the affiliate marketing industry.

What are some of the details?

We offer a 180 day cookie through our affiliate links. So if a user you refer to us comes back within 6 months and makes a purchase, you still get the commission. Even better, if anyone you refers to us signs up for a free Coupon Gravy account you get commissions on that user's purchases forever. With the free Coupon Gravy account users can track coupon usage, add coupons, comment on the site, make retailer reviews, rate coupons and reviews, and more. Users earn points for all of these activities that can be redeemed for gift cards to their favorite online retailers or other prizes. If users sign up for an account you could potentially generate a hands-free passive income for years to come!

What tools do you provide?

Once you sign up to the Coupon Gravy affiliate program you will gain access to our Affiliate Center. Within you will find links, banners, and a "Top Coupon Codes" widget. Within the Affiliate Center you will be able to generate affiliate links for specific retailers or specific categories. You don't just have to link to the homepage, you can link to any page! For example, you run a car enthusiast blog. How would you like to link your users directly to the automotive category page on Coupon Gravy? I'm confident that would convert into some nice commissions quite easily. Also, within the next week we will start to allow you to customize your blog widgets to display specific coupon codes, specific retailers, or specific categories. Your website visitors will really appreciate it!

What are the payment terms?

We send payments monthly via check or paypal. Are payment terms are NET 30, so you get paid your months earnings 30 days after the month has ended.

Why should I sign up as an affiliate?

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season upon us, this is the time to capitalize on online shopping. It's as simple as a mention in your next blog post or newsletter, a share on your facebook page, a retweet, or a custom message to your email list. Consumers spent billions of dollars via online shopping in 2010. It's only going to go up each year, and it's time for you to take your cut. This is your chance to capitalize on your users' online shopping habits. You could potentially earn a generous hands-free passive income every month! What are you waiting for?

  • Unique, one of a kind affiliate program
  • Earn 50% commission from users forever
  • Take advantage of seasonal shopping traffic
  • Industry leading promotional tools (links, banners, widgets, and more!)
  • 180 day cookie (6 months to get creddited for a commission)
  • Payment via Check or Paypal (Monthly payments on a NET 30 basis)